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    A request to any users of Traffic 360 - i assume there must still be some?

    if you are still using T360, have you utilised the Jetstream 41 aircraft in your AI flights?

    As a long time user of Traffic X, I am slowly adding some of the T360 aircraft that I acquired having bought T360 when it was originally issued. I have just added the T360 Jetstream 41 aircraft to my TX set up to add to my hangar of AI. But when I use them they NEVER shut their passenger and cargo doors. Like every other aircraft the doors show close on engine start up. All of the other T360 aircraft that I have ported over behave as you would expect but not this one.
    So, again, has anyone else had this experience and, even better, found a way to get rid of it?

  • @RayM
    Hi Ray,
    I also progressed from Traffic X > T360 >TG and I still use a fair bit from T360 today to add airport vehicles and some military traffic to the sim.
    If I remember rightly, there always were a few that had problems with leaving doors open in flight, the J41 being one of them.
    I don't believe there's any cure as it's part of the actual model, so it might be easier to use a freeware J41 instead.
    Here's a comparison shot of the T360 model and the freeware DJC one:
    T360 J41 on takeoff
    T360 JS41 draughty.jpg
    J41 models DJC foreground T360 behind
    Jetstream41 T360 DJC.jpg
    The DJC model is available on Avsim:
    ( & seems to affect a lot of BAe planes...(incomplete check lists or just cheap door locks?) .😁
    T360 BAe 146-100
    T360 BAe 146-100.jpg
    [or, for really good ai traffic, there's always AIG!!]

  • @Capt-Quirk Thanks for confirming my suspicions. Glad it isn't something I had done to the files.

    I will indeed take a look on Avsim and AIG.

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  • @Capt-Quirk
    As a result of your suggestions, after looking on Avsim, I now have a dozen or so Jetstream 41 types from all over the world for most of which I will create AI schedules. I have also left a few with no "atc_airline=" value which I can use as 'random business' traffic aircraft. I have also found about the same number of Jetstream 31s from Premier Aircraft Designs which add to this aircraft generic type.
    Nice to have some small domestic aircraft doing scheduled services out of main airports. An element that is not provided by any AI program that I have come across.
    Again, thanks for your suggestions.

  • @RayM
    And, thanks to your last post Ray, I realised that the Jetstream 31 (one of my top 10 favourite planes) was also missing from my virtual skies, so I'm now adding some of the rather nice PAD J31s too!