Incorrect Time (Daylight saving?)

  • Hi guys,

    Sorry if this has already been posted, but I cannot see anything in a Google search, nor on here.

    The time in Traffic Global for XP11 is incorrect.


    Airport: YSSY - Sydney - Local time now is 18:50. XP11 time shows UTC 07:50 which is correct, and local time 18:50 which is also correct. (I had to change the offset myself).

    TG believes the local time is 17:50 and is an hour behind, but the UTC time is 07:50 which is correct.

    Does this mean TG does not factor in daylight saving? If so, it's kind of ridiculous, as the schedules will be an hour off while the clocks have changed. And if not, does TG run off XP time? If it's meant to, it's not matching up since I changed the XP time myself to have an offset of 60 mins, to make the UTC time and local time correct.