CLS DC-10-30F, some bugs noticed

  • First, many thanks for this really nice add-on.

    While flying many hours with it, some bugs got noticed:

    Version: "Install_DC10HD_200.exe":

    • VC, Flaps-lever, wrong tooltip-text for 35 and 50 degrees
    • Opening Main-Door with 2D-doors-gauge does not trigger variable "EXIT OPEN:0", meaning no door variable trigger similar to Shift-E
    • Loading savegame: Lights-settings not loaded properly
    • Loading savegame: TCAS-setting not loaded properly
    • Auto-Throttle adjusts speed too slowly
    • Rudder is not effective enough
    • Graphical outdated 2D-gauges
    • VC, APU, after starting-up, main-switch jumps not back from "Start" to "Norm" automatically
    • Multi-color FMS looks too modern for this elder aircraft, better would be single-green colored font
    • DC-10-30F, unrealistic range with maximum fuel. Currently is 5600nm, more realistic would be 6600nm, missing 1000nm of range with max fuel
    • Textures of the three engines are sometimes slightly different colored compared with mainbody-texture, depending on light-conditions

    maybe you will find a second or two for fixing some of above mentioned bugs/missing features.
    thx in advance 🙂