Multiple Fictional liveries in A388 folder and others.

  • I was going to add a recently done repaint and much to my surprise, i found eight liveries, for airlines, that never ordered, or operated the A388. I've already found a couple of other repaints for airlines like Air Berlin and Monarch which have been closed for a while. Given that TG only started with roughly 880 liveries, and that the lack of liveries was a minor issue, finding fictionalized liveries, along with "older" defunct airlines, is to be honest frustrating. Of course you can't be perfect, and I know this, but fictionalized liveries, and companies that have been closed for at least 2 years, are things that should not be in the base install. It may be prudent to have someone go through the liveries and correcting errors like this so that they can be fixed in the next update (I do know that you're about to release one so I am referring to the one after this)

  • @Admiralty-013
    As far as I'm aware, all the models & liveries were a direct port from the P3D/FSX version and that was full of unused repaints (as was highlighted in the EA forum).
    Are the blank An225, the Beluga and the British Airways A306 still in there too?

  • Yes to both. At least with the Beluga and An225, those could be used if a schedule is created, I recently ran into one for the Beluga, if I can find it again I'll get it going. Finding more makes this even more frustrating.

  • @Admiralty-013
    Development of TG (for P3D/FSX) must have started way before the initial EA release in May 2018, so a lot of the then current repaints have been left behind, but even so there's a whole load of oddities.
    Mainly out of curiosity, I made flightplans for a deserted airport for each and every model and repaint just so I could get to see some of the liveries that I'd most likely never get to see in the sim.
    Seems such a shame that so much effort was expended to include very tasty models and liveries that still lay unseen and yet include defunct carriers, even removing perfectly good repaints of US regional carriers that are still not covered.