• why has the 747 Classic Compatibility: FSX,P3D v4 gone to 747 Classic Compatibility: P3D v4 only is it no longer available foe FSX and FSX.SE

  • JF Staff

    Currently our focus is on the P3Dv4 release. Once this has happened we will be investigating releasing a version for older sims. However, as there is a lot on the 747 that would need replacing/updating/removing, we're not ready to make any guarantees at this point with the looming specter of FS2020 also on the horizon.

  • Didn't this happen with the Sud Aviation Caravelle that was in development for FSX and then became a P3D only product by Aeroplane Heaven. I wonder what the adoption rates are for P3D and FSX, presumably now it's worth developing for P3D over FSX. So it's back to CLS' Flite jumbo or Ready for Pushback (FS2004).

  • Well with P3D compatibility comes the likely possibility of a relatively easy port over to FS2020, but we have to wait for the SDK to come out for that to be explored, so we still have to wait until about March for the planned release of the first SDK.