JF TGXP: Consolidation of Missing Liveries

  • Hi,

    JF's TGXP is a ground breaking AI traffic add-on for XP11, but there are some fairly serious elements that are not up to the level of a product of this price bracket and calibre.

    One of these is the number of missing liveries and aircraft types, and whilst more are added by JF with each product iteration, even more are added by the community.

    The JF TGXP product narrative suggest that 65 aircraft types and 860 liveries cover "most" of the world's airlines, and yet I have amassed approx. 70 user made repaints, which I think you'll agree is a significant number. By this, I mean it's not like it is a dozen or so that are missing, as that would be more acceptable.

    A suggestion would be for JF to round up all user liveries with a view to including them into the product as a whole. Obviously permission and references would be required, with some form of incentive a possibility to consider too.

    Also, there are absolutely no Russian aircraft types anywhere to be found, which for me, is an oversight of greater magnitude. Where are the Sukhoi, Tupolev, and Antonov, and other than "virtual" GA, light aircraft are not featured?

    I hope that JF will here address the points that I have raised.