Pull to the left

  • On takeoff I reached 70+ knots and rotated - the plane pulled severely to the left and crashed.

    I've checked my controls and all is well, I even tried taking off using the dutchess with no issues.

    Even when flying in the air after a battle taking off, it banks constantly to the left.

    Fuel tanks are even, so I do not know why it pulls to the left so much?

    Any ideas?

  • No support anymore? Just to show how bad this is, I took a screenshot of the yoke position to keep the plane level flight. This is after reducing RPM and MP, but no difference.

    alt text

    It's making the plane impossible to fly as the approach for landing is even worse.

    Any help would be great.

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  • This sounds as if your sim plane is mimicking real world flight characteristics. Engine torque is at work. On TO apply rudder to keep rolling straight down the runway, continue to do so at V1. Once the aircraft has reached cruising speed, trim and adjust settings for continued flight. It takes practice. Btw, now that I think of it, I suggest that you recalibrate your rudder and aileron controllers to help stabilize your plane.

  • Ok just to resolve this problem and for anybody else with this...

    This is not the normal pull to the left due to engine torque, it's much stronger than that, to the point that full right rudder or aileron would not counter the left roll.

    I submitted a support ticket and it turned out I had 'use experimental flight model' ticked in the XP11 settings. This was due to a different mod requiring it. Disabling this has resolved the issue.

  • @UKJim thank you very much. I had the same exact issue. Thank you.

  • @shermank it is true that there is some torque effect on single engine planes, but trust me that ain't normal. I have flown an archer for several years and it is practically inexistent. The piper is a sweet aircraft to fly with.