VFR Real Scenery NexGen

  • Hi
    There have been a number of updates with the description for example,

    • update to layouts EGHH,UK03,EGKT,EGHL,EGHI
    • added new layouts EGVP,EGVA,EGVN,EGUB
      What exactly, if you don’t mind explaining, are these layouts?
      Just curiosity more than anything, is it anything to do with the agn files and autogen at the airfields?

  • JF Staff

    @dabba It will be the shape of the airfield and what constitutes part of the airfield and what is scenery. Basically, you need to cut an airfield-shaped hole in the scenery so that the airfield can poke through. However, not all third party or default airports are 100% accurate and so there needs to be a bit of tweaking done to make them blend in properly.

  • HI
    Thanks for thaking the time for the explination