Robin DR400 Regent Roll Stability

  • Hi,

    mine is also not Roll stable.

    CG is in the middle, should not affect it.
    I'd follow the instructions from Delta558 but it didn't work.

    My exact Problem is that the Plane rolls slowly to the left or right hand side when it is trimmed.
    I turned off the Wind, the effect is still there.
    If I use some rudder to the right the Plane starts rolling to the left side.

    is that an issue or is this Plane like that ?

    Best regards


  • Aah, I think I remember something like this with the original PA28 Arrow - the sim load manager creates an excessive rolling moment based on weight added, and I think I centralised the payload / passenger positions on that. Looks like I may have to do the same here.

    Meanwhile, try flying it with equal passenger numbers left and right, see if that improves the situation which would also confirm my thoughts.

  • @Delta558
    I have equal passenger number, CG is in the middle.

  • @Nougatschnitte I took it up again last night and, with equal loadings, couldn't replicate what you are seeing in calm conditions. Engine-associated movement is a possibility but it is really minimal so should not be causing you a problem. Without any further info, all I can suggest at the moment is to check the calibration of your controls.

  • clean weather
    fuel payload CG in the middle
    controlls are calibrated

    Okay I made some Photos.
    I use FSX Steam Edition with the Logitek Saitek x52 H.O.T.A.S controller.

    1. Weather is calm
    2. CG is in the middle.
    3. controls are calibrated.

    I uploaded this Video:

    1. maneuver: centered Plane then it starts rolling it self.(sometimes left, sometimes right)
    2. same thing
    3. apply full left rudder
    4. apply full right rudder

    But i have watched that the effect is bigger when the plane is heavier
    also tested vanilla Cessna it flew straight

  • you have some other ideas what can cause this?

  • I just noticed you are using FSX rather than P3D, it could be to do with the extra flight dynamics tables available to the more modern sim possibly as it certainly doesn't behave like that in P3D. I'll do some digging.

  • Did you find something out ?

  • Hi Karim,

    Apologies, thought I'd got back on this already - In a word, no: The airfile is only using the FSX tables, so that suspicion was unfounded. I'm at a loss as to what could be causing it. Everything should be balanced, I cannot see the problem myself and really don't know what to suggest.

    Sorry that it's not better news,

  • Hello,
    I have the same issue. It seems to me it comes from the left aileron which is not perfectly centered (slightly up) while the right is. On mine at least, I have this none symmetric design. I asked the support, so hopefully we will have a feedback and update soon.