Love the Duchess look but super buggy!

  • I just bought the Just Flight Duchess for X-Plane 11. The look and feel of the airplane are great but in the day that I've been trying it is seems really buggy.

    Here is a short list of the issues Ive found so far.

    The flaps don't work with my hardware controls (all other aircraft do). It's a Saitek Multi panel and selecting flaps up or down just gives a momentary buzz but no flap movement. After a couple of attempts with the flaps, the lever simply disappeared.

    Bringing one of the throttles and props to idle cause the other engine to have WILD rpm swings.

    Cutting the mixture on one engine kills both engines

    The sound doesn't seem to be in Stereo. (this is a minor issue compared to the others).

    Am I missing something because the bugginess I've had in this lovely looking premium plane is unlike any I've had in even freeware aircraft.

  • @hish747
    I discovered that the issue was that both engine driven fuel pumps seem to fail when one engine stops. The solution is turning on the electric fuel pumps.

  • The flaps don't work on a notched system. The flap switch in a Duchess is spring loaded, it has to be held in position. So when held down, the flaps move down. Release it and they maintain position.

    When I did my Duchess flying we memorised the time to each setting. It was 4 seconds from 0 to 10, but then oddly only 2 seconds to 20! Flaps were deployed at a time when your eyes were either outside or glued to the instruments so being able to get the flaps to the right position without watching the gauge was vital. A quick glance at the flap indicator was all was needed to verify the setting.

    In this respect the model is accurate in how the flaps work.