Instrument light switch

  • Hi,

    If I right-click on the instrument light switch (turn the light on) it always does two steps. Is this on purpose, on can you tune down the sensitivity a bit?


  • Hi Eric,
    I'm no expert on the DR400, as I have just purchased it myself. But if you right-click on the instruments light switch one click at a time time, it will increase the instrument lights brightness. Then left-click on the switch one click at a time to decrease the brightness.

  • @RandyL
    Hi Randy,

    Thanks for trying to help, and I know this is how it works.
    My (small) issue is only that with right-clicking the switch from the off-position, it makes two clicks instead of one. You can check by first do a right -click and then a left click, and instead of being off again the light is still on. 🙂

  • I can confirm this.. although it appears to me that this is only true for the PBR model, whereas the non-PBR model has an all or nothing panel lighting behavior.

  • Hi,
    The switch works fine for me but the cockpit brightness is exessively bright even on the lowest setting which I believe is not the case in the real aircraft. Is there a way to turn down the brighness?


  • Hi,
    I turned off P3DV4.5 HDR lighting and then it is possible to turn down the light level because the switch has five positions of brightness rather than the three positions with HDR turned on. Any chance to allow a dimmer light with HDR turned on please?

    Thank you