Since the latest update and a suggestion

  • Since the latest update, when I go to flight path view it shows correctly but if I change airports it no longer displays correctly... it’s blank.

    My suggestion is, when I open the radar window, I have to manually resize it every time. Can it be setup to save the window size please? Also it would be nice to have center of the radar window relative to the airport. Maybe get rid of the flight path view and incorporate it into the radar window?

    Overall, I love the product and it’s still being fine tuned... each and everyone’s system is different with specs and addons which seem to be playing a role in the various minor bugs. Keep up the great work on this great product!!!

  • JF Staff

    Thanks for the suggestions. I will ask the devs about the flight path view issue - flight path was originally intended as a dev tool but was included because it seemed popular with the beta testers. Def should work OK.