Graphics Card suitable for FSX

  • HI,
    I've been running FSX including add-ons such as the A2A Piper Comanche and detailed airports and my current graphics card (AMD HD7850) has been more than adequate except a small bit of stuttering in detailed airports. Unfortunately I've had two issues with the drivers for this card, the first one several years ago when FSX menu issues required that the driver be kept below a certain version. This was an acceptable workaround, but recently I upgraded my PC to Windows 10 and had to update the graphics card driver for a different game (Train Sim World). Unfortunately this update caused me huge problems which even reverting back to the original driver from the DVD didn't resolve. The issue related to "Wattman" software and there are numerous posts on this problem going back a few years but AMD can't seem to provide a solution. At present it takes about 4 to 6 attempts to get past a plain white screen after I boot the PC.
    Sorry for the long background story but my simple question is what would be a good graphics card for FSX, as I just don't understand some of the "deeper" tech stuff. My budget would be between €300 and €400 max, so probably £275 to £375. I'd also like any new card to work with VR headsets.
    Quite honestly I wanted to wait to see the specs for the new MS Flight Simulator due out next year before upgrading but if I cannot resolve my current problem I may be forced to buy much sooner.
    Thanks in advance for any advice,