Strange replacement decisions.

  • A while back I pointed out the issue with the APJ ICAO code and Peach Aviation, (which btw, thank you for fixing!) during that exchange, you guys mentioned you had never heard of them because they were so "small" with only 35 planes.

    So today I'm looking forward to seeing some of the freight planes and ran into something I really don't understand especially given the exchange. You're using Magma Aviation, a Freight brokerage/ACMI who leases 4 aircraft from Air Atlanta Icelandic to replace multiple different airlines including Air Chathams, which to the best of my knowledge operates props only in New Zealand. Never mind Air China Cargo who has at least 15 747's. I would completely understand using someone like FDX UPS or DHL because they're found worldwide and are well known. Instead, you used an ACMI, leasing from another ACMI, who has 4 planes to sub in for airlines who have three times the number of planes, are much more likely to be widely known, and totally ignore the top three cargo-carrying groups of DHL FDX and UPS.