Flight dynamics/Flaps

  • Hi

    just wondering , when extending the flaps the nose should rise shouldnt it? with the JF PA28 Arrow when you lower the flaps the nose drops ... is this correct? , im sure the nose should rise then yuo need to trim down .


  • Hi Rich,

    Done to death beforehand on the old forum and over at Avsim. We had plenty of real-world Arrow pilots involved, both initially and then joining in for the initial SP. One (and only one) was adamant that there should be a strong nose-up pitching on flap extension, the rest were insistent on a fairly stable / nose down tendency. The POH doesn't help, mentioning pitching but not stating which way, but it does say that it can be easily held by hand rather than needing trimming out.

    I seem to recall discussions on PPrune as well as among our testers where the same aircraft was accused of pitching either up or down, dependant on who you listened to. It's been a long time since I worked on these files, but I think that what was settled upon was a very slight upwards pitching on flap extension but that the drag created (and resultant slowing of the aircraft) would pull the nose back down.

    It's a really difficult situation, there is no 'black and white' definitive answer to your question, only about ten pilots / owners who would each give their own fairly in-depth description and what we ended up with was what you have.