Figured out Panel Selector not displaying issue

  • Hi,

    I just bought the JF C152. I'm pretty happy with it but like some other folks here I couldn't see the Panel Selector arrow. I have 4 displays: a projector for the windshield view, 2 monitors for left and right windows, and a central touchscreen monitor for AirManager instrument panel.

    In playing around with monitor settings to try to figure out why the Just Flight Panel Selector wasn't showing up, I discovered that it shows up in whichever monitor is called "Main Monitor" in the XPlane monitor config screen. Since the touchscreen was my Windows-designated "Main Monitor," but didn't have any Xplane elements in it, the Panel Selector wasn't showing up.

    Since I want my touchscreen to remain my Main Monitor, but still have AirManager on it, I found you can just set Xplane to display the Instructor Operating Station or 2D Panel (blank), and then you'll have access to the Panel Selector on that screen.

    So anyone who can't see the Panel Selector, it should be on your "Main Monitor."