Airport and Airline Problem

  • Is this a bug or my mistake?

    1. Can't see any B777-200 or B777-300 by Turkish Airlines; only A333 is showing as heavy jet on airports like LTBA! A flightplan mistake?
    2. New turkish airport LTFM (Freeware scenery) is not working (no flights, no aircrafts). This airport is not listed in missing airport html! Correct installation, full ATC Routes and Flow, airport is valid.

    Thanks for your answer...

  • JF Staff

    For the Turkish airlines it may be that there is no TA livery for those aircraft.

    For the airport that might be one to check with JF support. Does the default version have traffic?

  • @Derek 1. 773 by TurkishAirlines is in the Traffic Global aircraft folder!
    2. LTFM is the new Istanbul International Airport...the old standard LTBA has traffic. I think all the flightplans in TG goes to LTBA but not to the new airport!