Repository for Repaints and Aircraft Search Filters

  • I have posted numerous repaints of "missing liveries" on but I foresee a problem in that, when Traffic Global is updated, these additional liveries will be lost and have to be reloaded? Can we not have a repository here on JustFlight where these liveries can be posted and included in the next update, after inspection as necessary?
    My other issue with the repaints is the difficulty in "finding them in real life" to check how they look, (you can use "Object Viewer" to look at them during the painting process). Can there be some method of doing a search for a particular Airline and Aircraft type rather than trying to find them by scrolling through the Flight Schedule at "likely" airports. Some kind of interrogation of, I presume, the .bgl file would make things so much easier!

  • Just a quick message to say thanks, I've installed all of your paints, I can't wait to see them.