KSAN Traffic Issue

  • Sparse planes at KSAN. No ground movement. Planes start up, then disappear. Working fine at KLAX.



  • JF Staff

    Default airport or an add-on?

  • @Derek

    I saw this and got curious. When I loaded up at KSAN (MisterX6 freeware) I had a total of four planes. I opened my settings up and turned OFF the dynamic density when I did that the airport populated with planes. Turning the setting back ON didn't remove the planes. My FPS is quite good 60+ at start and 52-54 when I messed with the density setting. I am going to disable the scenery to load up the default and check that as well to give you more information. Checking the default in WED shows me only 15 spots to park on, not enough to 'populate' the airport at all.

    EDIT. It occurred to me that I left out an important fact. when I first came down to KSAN, I did it from another airport. I just restarted the sim at KSAN with the MisterX6 scenery on, and it populated appropriately. Just speculating but it seems like the plugin is not registering the location change to trigger a reload of the DB