EGJB: Crashes with Historic Weather

  • Hi,
    I have used historic weather before with TGXP, but at Guernsey it seems to crash with regularity soon after spawning on the apron.
    I kept weather off until airborne and away from EGJB, but when eventually I enable historic weather 25/10/19 18:30 (FSGRW) for testing conditions into EGKK, the sim crashes soon after.
    I attach a link to my log file (here) but do know that whilst there appear to be many scenery areas installed, actually very few are active (those needed for this flight).

  • JF Staff

    Not had any experience of using historic weather. This would be one to contact JF support so they can get the dump files off you directly and see if they can find out what causes the crash.

  • I’m not so sure that it was to do with historic weather.
    I’m getting spurious CTDs that are hard to define.

  • JF Staff

    If you contact JF support we can get the full dump files and see what is causing it.