Free Parking Gate and a couple of "features"

  • This may sound mad, but how do I choose a parking spot when starting the sim. Up to now, I love this product. Sure it's not perfect, I will list a couple of "features" in a minute. But one annoying issue is when starting my flight, I set the conditions and a gate to start, and invariably once loaded the gate is taken by an AI aircraft, and both my aircraft and the AI one are superimposed. So I then have to look around find an empty gate and reload. How do I fix this ?

    Now to the observed "features", which some may call bugs.

    1. some of the AI craft are tail down nose up. Very strange to see 737's or Airbus's looking like tail draggers
    2. particle effects behave strange sometimes. I get the jet wash emerging vertically from the engine even when effects are switched off. Which I tend to do as the current effects are way too prominent.

    That having been said I would not be without this, I have a number of other payware traffic apps and a free one, all of which are binned now.

  • JF Staff

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Start gate - not sure if others have mentioned this. Will add that to the list of stuff to look at asap.

    Aircraft movements are on the list to modify and we have also had some reports of smoke effects doing odd things on some aircraft so that's also due a fix.