Can't see other multiplayer aircraft with TG enabled

  • Hi

    I have PC's on a network, with Traffic Global on one PC, I can not see the other aircraft when flying together. The other aircraft can see me. The setup of the network is correct. If I remove Traffic Global from the plugin folder and try again, I can now see the other aircraft?

    Seem like Traffic Global is blocking data from another multiplayer aircraft?


  • You can’t fly with other human multiplayer pilots and use a traffic program like Traffic Global in Xplane at the same time, one will cancel the other out.

  • Ok, good to know. Multiplayer is just some data over the network using ip addresses, with global running, one player can see the other aircraft but not the opposite.
    We can still chat to each other i game using the enter command, just the visual is not working in one direction.

    Is there a chance to make it compatible?

  • Not unless Laminar Research build proper support for TCAS that is separate from their multiplayer system.

  • Hi, just to be clear, I’m not talking about TCAS in any way, even I say see each other, I mean if we spawn at an airfield next to each other and I plan my view to the side to see the other aircraft, they are not there, they can see me however. Network settings show data and ip are correct etc. both systems are running tragic global. If Traffic global script is disabled then the aircraft appears in view in game.

  • It still doesn't change things unfortunately, only one traffic system can be active at any one time in X-Plane, so you either see your friends through a multiplayer plugin or you see traffic injected by another plugin like Traffic Global. They can see you as your position is still transmitting but you are only receiving data from the traffic plugin when its active, data coming from the multiplayer plugin is blocked, as only one plugin can use the system at a time.

  • Hi

    Got some time to test this further, on my 2 pc's, 1 can see the aircraft on the other, but not vice versa. When I disable Traffic Global, the multiplayer aircraft appears, then if I enable Traffic, Traffic works again, but the multiplayer is still it does seem to be possible after all!