ATR 72 at FL300 and no Traffic on TCAS

  • Hello JF Team,

    some issues I found on several flights:

    1. Atr's are showing at FL300! Definitely too high for this aircraft ๐Ÿ˜‰
    2. I have no Traffic on TCAS when flyig the Toliss Airbus and/or the FF Airbus. AI Aircrafts are set in XPlane and the correct TCAS buttons are all set in the Airbus but no Traffic visible


  • Have you got the Auto/On button in the Toliss set to on? If not you will only see aircraft that are in conflict with you on the display. I have the Toliss and the traffic shows on my ND.

  • Yes its set to ON

  • Make sure you donโ€™t have any other multiplayer plugins installed like xPilot or Swift for VATSIM, or another traffic program like World Traffic, as they will stop Global Traffic from showing TCAS.

  • @jetset Hi, my FScloud plugin was blocking the TCAS operation so I removed it and now everything is working fine.