ATR 72 at FL300 and no Traffic on TCAS

  • Hello JF Team,

    some issues I found on several flights:

    1. Atr's are showing at FL300! Definitely too high for this aircraft 😉
    2. I have no Traffic on TCAS when flyig the Toliss Airbus and/or the FF Airbus. AI Aircrafts are set in XPlane and the correct TCAS buttons are all set in the Airbus but no Traffic visible


  • Have you got the Auto/On button in the Toliss set to on? If not you will only see aircraft that are in conflict with you on the display. I have the Toliss and the traffic shows on my ND.

  • Yes its set to ON

  • Make sure you don’t have any other multiplayer plugins installed like xPilot or Swift for VATSIM, or another traffic program like World Traffic, as they will stop Global Traffic from showing TCAS.

  • @jetset Hi, my FScloud plugin was blocking the TCAS operation so I removed it and now everything is working fine.