My experience

  • Using GCLA that is completed with WED runways/taxiways and parking all correct. Iberia Airline 319, should not start engines at the gate, during or end of pushback is normal. Taxied to runway via taxiway C on RWY 18, soon as on runway turns and takes off (3/4s of runway) not long enough to get airborne but manages to get off flying level for awhile, no back tracking for full length take off.
    AT7 Binter Canarias goes backward all the way till on the runway does a smart 180 so facing the correct way and takes off. Same plane on landing, lands short on the water on jumps ups on the end of the runway then taxis to the turn off to the taxiway and promptly does a 180 turn and proceeds off the runway backwards to it's parking spot, which was No 5. Only got as far as parking spot No 7 on the taxiway level with where I are sitting at the gate where he is still sitting with engines running still facing backwards on the apron now for over 30 minutes.
    Now an AT7 TRIP Linas Aereas has just arrived did the same smart 180 on the runway and now backed up to in front of the first one. I agree the jet blast needs toning down a lot on the ground.

  • Another day different airport. LPMA, Transavia F-DKMD (737) - no port engine exhaust but has 2 starboard exhausts, 1 standard the other vertical !!! This airport the AT7 Binter Canarias lands on the runway and just past taxiway B flicks 180 and backs all the way along the runway then carries on backward on taxiway A to it's ramp with a smart 180 flip to face terminal when reaching it's park. Sata International CR-EJM (DH4) ok till it reaches it lead in from apron where it does a 360 before entering it parking lane.

  • The BA C-KDPJ (A319) started up his engines then did a 360 and taxied out, no pushback. I started up WED and found it had 1 taxiway along the length of the apron, so installed lead ins to the parks on all gates. The aircraft now pushes back correctly, presume from this that with correct taxi network installed, less bugs with the AI behavior meaning that airports well be better with a proper taxi networks ? Also if there are parked aircraft in the scenery package the AI will not hang when taking short cuts across the apron as I have noticed.