Feature Suggestions

  • I purchased Traffic Global and overall I am happy with the purchase. My expectations may have been lower than some based on feedback I've read of others. My goal was to just make it feel like I wasn't alone in the virtual skies and at airports. This has done that for me with a reasonable amount of realism. Now I have witnessed some strange goings on like departing and arriving aircraft ending up on the same taxiway at KBOS and coming nose to nose. They eventually sort themselves out by warping through each other. Overall though, I think with a few bug fixes, this will be a great addition to X-Plane. Especially with an almost negligible cost in performance.

    Now for my suggestions - I have a pretty big library of addon aircraft. Because aircraft developers all like to use their own datarefs and keybindings, I've got around 15 different joystick profiles. Those profiles include both joystick button assignments and key bindings. So when Traffic Global requires key mappings for things like "Cycle Aircraft AI Aircraft Label Mode", I am stuck mapping and maintaining those bindings in 15 different profiles. Would it be possible to have a setting in the TrafficGlobal menu to set this? Having it in the settings would also allow users and easy way to default the setting to their preference at startup. It's OK to keep the key mappings the way they are but having a menu option would allow people like me to not have to worry about maintaining that keybinding on each and every profile.

    Secondly - I'd like to see a Traffic Global "View" control popup window that would allow us to select the different Traffic Global camera views rather than having to map all of the key bindings on all of my profiles. Having keybindings as the only option for these types of controls forces us to maintain keybindings for a global plugin with plane specific joystick / keybind profiles.


  • JF Staff

    Good ideas. We will make a note of those.