Very disappointed

  • Traffic Global bought and tested on different airports. Too many errors found:

    • EDDM (SFD) only 5 or 6 planes on the ground...on a saturday!
    • one plane is landing and the other plane does'nt wait and take off, this is happening on all airports
    • Traffic not follows SID and STARS (no Navigraph support)
    • planes do not start and land properly
    • aircraft turn on the spot at the gate or stand
    • two or more planes landing together (what about holdings???)
    • EDDT (one Rwy for departure, one Rwy for takeoff) ...Traffic Global ignored this!
    • engine effects like rockets (too strong and long) ... and much more bugs! Sorry but this software has not been tested correctly !!! Have bought a lot of bugs for my money...thanks!

  • JF Staff

    Hi there

    Sorry to hear you are disappointed. Virtually all the problems listed may be to do with airport configuration. Also, much depends on how you have TG set up, traffic density etc.

    EDDT - it shouldn't ignore this. Are you sure the airport is set up right?

    We are releasing an update in the near future. If that doesn't improve things for you please get in touch with JF support and we will see what we can do to help.