Frustration with several issues (CTD, animations, speeds)

  • I purchased Traffic Global today and I must unfortunately say that I am quite disappointed by the product in its current state. First things first:

    1: 2x CTD with Exception in thread:

    Flight from EDDK to EGCC and from EGCC to EDDK with custom sceneries from the org-forums. EGCC by tdg using all default objects (, EDDK is a complete custom scenery (

    TGXP: Crash!
    TGXP: Exception in thread 7260d: (null)

    TGXP: - Arg 1 : 0x0000000000000000

    TGXP: - Arg 2 : 0x0000000000000028

    2: Speed 250 around airports
    This was discussed in the forums. I cant believe that you had a huge beta tester group. How can this be a compromise?! Change it to a gradual increase and all are happy.

    3: Aircrafts landing and departing on the opposite runway
    4: Spawning and despawning aircrafts with dynamic density off
    5: Rotation/landing/takeoff animations are bad
    6: Aircrafts do not follow terrain
    7: CTD after rel_assert error (Please see attached screenshot)

    Please remember, its a 45€ product - I am really trying to understand that the product is v1 but you mentioned a huge beta tester group. How can such things happen when you are not discussing "compromises" but "solutions" for certain issues...

    Sorry but I had to steam off my frustration with todays release mentality of products...2019-10-25 16_13_22-X-System.png

  • JF Staff

    No problem with steaming off your frustration but can I add some more coal to the boiler and ask you to raise a ticket with our support team so we can get dump files etc off you for the CTD.
    The program is rock solid after much testing but we can't test every configuration, so if something causes a CTD we need to know as much detail as possible.

    The 250kts, as you read in the forums, was a group suggestion by a lot of X-Plane experts. We will certainly look to change it.

    4: Spawning and despawning aircrafts with dynamic density off
    Not sure I know what you mean, but if you mean aircraft appearing and disappearing that can be due to the airport itself. If we can get details of when it happens, where and with which aircraft we can look into it.

    6: Aircrafts do not follow terrain
    Not sure I understand that one? Do you mean they fly into mountains or something else?

    Thanks again for your feedback. We are looking at improving aircraft separation and some other points, but, please rest assured we would not have released it if we didn't think it was up to standard. We've had a lot of positive feedback in the forums as well.

  • Hi Derek,

    once again - sorry for that and thank you very much for your quick response - I raised a ticket as you mentioned. I just can't understand that a group of X-Plane testers agreed on such things.

    4: Spawning and despawning aircrafts with dynamic density off
    It happened in EDDK with the mentioned scenery and several aircrafts on remote stands. The second time it happened in EGCC on a gate stand (also with the mentioned scenery).

    6: Aircrafts do not follow terrain
    I mean that aircrafts seem always be leveled (pitch at 0), regardless of terrain. This leads to the fact that the nose wheel is floating or inside the ground as it appears that the model itself has one collision point with the terrain which seem to be in the center of the aircraft model.

    Thank you.

  • JF Staff

    Disappearing aircraft - It's highly likely to be an airport-specific problem. They would just disappear if all other options have failed. Most likely to be problems with taxying by the sounds of it. If it's an XP10 airport the plugin needs to generate taxiways based on the paint lines and these are often not used correctly. There's a section in the manual about this. What airport (i.e. what exact version of what package or is it default)? It already disables parking, then runways, then the entire airport if they're not accessible so it would help to know what airport this is. You can tell in-sim whether it's an XP10 or XP11 airport from the colour of the airport name on the flight-plan view; XP11 airports will be bright yellow, XP10 "ported" airports have a darker title.

    Flight profiles - these are being looked at to see if they can be made more realistic.

  • I have some CTD's, but I can make it happen anytime.

    Advancing sim time will cause it, I have a key mapped to advance time, I guess the traffic can't keep up, the game freezes and CTD.

    Also by loading a new flight where the time is changed, CTD. The way round about it for me is to disable the addon, do the time changes, then enable again. I think this could be fixed, maybe auto disable of the addon if it sees a time change by user, then re-enable it again once time is stable.

  • JF Staff

    @Iain It should be fixed in the coming update. That should be some time this week, sooner rather than later we hope.