Unable to install Horizon/Playsims VFR Photography Scenery in Windows 10

  • Hello,

    I bought several volumes of the Horizon/Playsims VFR Photo Scenery a few years ago from JF. These were installed on FSX on my Windows 7 64 bit PC. Due to serious issues with Windows 7 I've upgraded to Windows 10 64 bit. I have installed FSX and most of my add-on software from DVDs without a problem. However I am having serious difficulties installing the above software. I installed Scotland Western Isles and also Scotland North and also the Airfields bought separately without a problem. Yesterday I tried Scotland South but got an error message re "not enough system resources on the drive I - my DVD drive. I then tried Ireland East and disk 1 installed fine but the installation failed on what looked like the final file on disk 2 (25 seconds remaining turned to 0 seconds remaining but 30 minutes later I ejected the disk as it was clear it was stuck). Today I tried Ireland West and it appeared that the DVD drive couldn't read files - constant spinning and after a long wait had to eject with a pin. I am now on the second disk of Southern England and South Wales, which I started at 3:00 pm and it is now 5:00 pm and disk 2 is still installing. I know it hasn't stuck as I can see files changing, but it is extremely slow. My installation times on Windows 7 was much, much faster.
    The DVDs are in perfect condition and are stored in the original cases and to the best of my recollection this is only the second time I've used them. As all other DVD installations have worked fine it appears that there is a problem with the Horizon disks. This is extremely disappointing for me especially the inability to get both of the Ireland volumes installed as this is my home country. Is it possible to get free replacements (or for a small charge) DVD? I'm sure I bought these from Just Flight and I have whatever License Keys came with them. Or if that's not possible could I download them?
    I know that there is new upgraded VFR Scenery released but that only covers GB and I imagine it will be a long time, if ever, that new VFR Scenery will be available for Ireland.
    Tony Waldron

  • JF Staff

    I'm afraid we have never sold Horizon scenery. They were a major competitor in the field of photographic scenery. It may be that either the discs have degraded over time or the copy protection used is now busted by Windows 10 - this is a common problem on all games and software that uses protection.

    Sorry we can't be of assistance.

  • @Derek
    Hi Derek,

    I was mistaken in thinking that I bought this from Just Flight. The reason I thought I had was that I had previously bought VFR Scenery for England & Wales from Just Flight for FS 2002 and other software since. However I think you may have sold this previously as this is also labelled as "Generation X" and you are currently selling the upgrade to my software on your website.
    Regarding the Generation X that you are currently selling do you know if the publishers plan to include Ireland at some time in the near future? If so I would be prepared to buy it. Since I posted this I successfully installed Southern England and South Wales which is good as I know the Newport/Cardiff/Valleys area quite well, but it took almost 7 hours for the 4 disks to install! As regards Ireland I just couldn't fly with default or even Orbx as it just wouldn't look right for me as I know the whole island very well. I may just contact Horizon directly about this.

  • JF Staff

    Hi Anthony - just to be clear - we publish photographic scenery and have done long before Horizon.

    Generation X is nothing to do with us. But, we make VFR Photographic Scenery NexGen 3D - this is photo scenery with autogen.

    Ireland - no, we won't be doing that as there is no decent data available.

    Hope that helps.