Some questions about the product

  • Greetings,

    I realize that this is a complex product and it takes time to get it to run best on all airports and by all means take your time. I just want to raise some issues that I came across in the last couple of days -

    • Mainly in KSEA and KSFO and KLAX (true earth + DD KSEA) the planes would simply stop taxi (holding short before the runway or after leaving the runway) and stand still without moving. why is that ?

    • The engine blur trail is too long, can it be shortened ?

    • Occasional white liveries

    That's from me for now. all in all I'm pleased with the plane models, repaints and general user experience - great work.

    Thanks for your time reading this and I hope someone will respond.



  • @maorgr said in Issues with Product:

    • Occasional white liveries

    See manual: allow substitutes


  • JF Staff

    Thanks for the feedback Maor. As Mike has said, to clear white aircraft you need to untick 'allow substitutes' in the setting menu. See P9.

    Not sure about aircraft stopping - that may be down to the airport. Ideally, if you could submit a ticket to support with the airport, aircraft type, livery, time in sim etc we can look into it.
    NB that might be caused by using K to shift time, but support would need to check either way.

    Blur trail - will ask about that. Not seen that mentioned in testing.