A few suggestions and questions.

  • Hi

    First of all, well done in completing this software, being a simmer since 10 years old (1985) and flying ever sim since then, XP has been needing a good AI program for a long time, this one certainly gives me a lot of what I am looking for and I hope it steady improves in the future.

    I completed my first quick flight today, buzzing are EGPH Edinburgh in the SF260.

    • The insert button for labels works, but you need to press it twice to switch labels back on. So press once for labels off, press again, no labels, press again, labels appear.
    • Control F9 for radar, works pretty well, but it's a bit buggy with opening and closing the windows, I assign this to the Del key, pressing Del brings up the radar, but if you click any options or click the screen etc, pressing del again does not take it away, you need to press the red dot. No big deal, but a quick key press is easier and faster especially when you want a quick glance a the traffic during a busy approach and you are spacing yourself.
    • Landing aircraft, Flybe Q400/Dash8 (not sure exactly what the label calls it in game) appoach speed is wrong, it was flying the whole final at 86kts. A more realistic speed would be the region of 115-120kts.
    • Takeoff, Ryanair 737 takeoff, the roll was realistic, rotation point looked good, rotation is very slow with nose up for too long though, but once the wheels lift off, the aircraft pitch changes to 0 deg (nose no longer pointing up), the speed is immediately 250kts and the aircraft shoots up with no pitch up. This point is a major point for me, another AI program does something similar, 250kts straight after takeoff, meaning any aircraft taking off after you immediately catch you and cause a TCAS etc. It would be great if the takeoff speed was defined as something like 170kts until 1200ft or for so many seconds, then 250kts to 10'000ft.
      Otherwise a great start and I look forward to testing some more.
    • Traffic density, works pretty well, but would like to see a separate slider for gates%busy at airports. EGPH for example even with density very low, has nearly all gates and stands full.
    • Labels, maybe an option like FR24 to have different a choice of info in the labels, like Company, AC type, distance from you, start and finish ICAO codes, speed, height etc. I would like less info in the labels, my preference would be Company, distance from user, DEP and ARR ICAO. speed That would be all I need to help with spacing for landing.

    May I also suggest a sticky thread with bug reports? Maybe easier than multiple threads or multiple tickets with people sending you the same bug list over and over, just a thought.


  • JF Staff

    @Iain Cheers Iain

    Many thanks for your feedback. In terms of bug reporting we're asking everyone to submit a ticket via JF support and that way we can log everything and pass it over to the dev team. In the case of any aircraft oddities it helps to know aircraft, location, time etc etc

    The insert button works as intended - we put that in the manual. However, it may need a small patch to deal with those that don't have the button or have assigned it elsewhere.

    Suggestion about labels is a good one.

    as you've guessed (just wish some others had 🙂 ) the T/O and landing areas of the flights have to be something of a compromise. The 250Kts was decided on after a lot of discussion among testers, but some kind of staggered speed settings, as you've suggested, seems to be a good idea.

    Thanks again!

  • Hello

    Ok, I will submit a ticket, but first I will do some more flights and testing.

    The 250kt take off speed will be ok, IF the aircraft taking off behind you leaves enough space, then they should catch you up. But I need to test this.


  • Landing aircraft, Flybe Q400/Dash8 (not sure exactly what the label calls it in game) approach speed is wrong, it was flying the whole final at 86kts. A more realistic speed would be the region of 115-120kts.

    This bug I listed months ago is still present, Dash 8 is still flying a long approach at 86kt. Can this be noted and resolved.