3 problems - 3 questions

  • Thanks for Traffic Global. This really enlives our Xplane. But I have already found three problems which I can´t explain to me:

    a) Flybe models have more often and especially in the air only one propeller, with yellow circle.
    b) I often only have white planes.
    c) If I switch to the pause mode while watching an AI aircraft, the aircraft will not remain stable. You get misrepresentations.

    Help or an update asap would be very appreciated.
    Thanks for the work and all efforts.

    Nice to have would be GA traffic also!

    Kind regards

  • JF Staff

    Hi Mike

    Thanks for your feedback. Can you raise a ticket with JF support on the Flybe models and the pause issue. We need to know the aircraft type, location, time etc if possible.

    white aircraft are where there is no livery available and these can be turned off - details for this are in the manual.

    GA traffic is something we're looking to add for the future.

    Thanks again!

  • Hi Derek,

    Thank you for your fast response.
    I requested a ticket and attached photos.
    I found the description of the white planes in the manual. Thank you for the hint.

    The flight plan is very good. The radar could be more comfortable, you never really see your own position. The flight route menu is great in the application at the airfield. It would be nice, if it would move with a selected aircraft. I was not able to synchronize all the traffic e.g. with littleNavmap yet. Where geographically an AI airplane is located is practically impossible.

    Thanks again for all your efforts.
    Kind regards