Traffic Separation and Other Questions

  • Hi I bought Traffic Global for Xplane yesterday and had a play with it late last night at EGKK Gatwick, I really liking how good it is performance wise. I noticed a few bugs that are a bit concerning though.

    1. Separation. The first one was traffic separation on approach, at one point I had 5 aircraft landing at the same time with less than 500 meters distance from the first to the last aircraft. Not one of them made any attempt to go-around. Even when there was some semblance of reality with the approach spacing they were still two miles apart and landing before the previous aircraft had left the runway, they were all A320's or 737, so you should have been looking at more like 5 to 6 miles spacing between each generally.

    2. Stopping Distances. When aircraft land they are stopping way too quickly and then taking ages to get to their runway exit, making problem 1 above even more common.

    3. Angle of Attack. Deck angles never seem right on approach and the glide slope is all wrong too, they come in at more like 1.5 to 2 degrees Glide Slope and the aircraft generally is perfectly level or even negative pitch on approach, that is until the last few hundred meters when they flare. Speaking of which they flare too much, its looks like +15 degrees pitch which just looks silly when transitioning from flat or negative pitches. I'm not expecting perfection here but something closer to reality would look so much better. You might also want to add some variation to the tyre squeal on landing, its sounds a little odd it being identical for all landings.

    4. Departures. All aircraft are rotating way way too early and sitting on their main wheels without leaving the ground, this can go on for many meters and then they lower the nose again whilst also raising the gear, again whilst still in extremely close proximity to the ground. Next they transition into level flight just above the ground, with gear up, then some time much further down the runway they jump off the ground and take-off like they just hit an invisible jump jet ramp.

    5. After take-off. Deck angles are an issue again during takeoff, the aircraft is simply not pointing (pitch wise) realistically in the same direction that the aircraft is actually flying. This looks silly, the AOA is simply wrong on approach, rotation and departure.

    I pretty sure all of the issues above can be tweaked and fixed to everyone's satisfaction and please don't take this feedback in the wrong way, I really like this this product and want it to prosper, as it has huge potential to be one of the best, if not the best AI traffic programs for any simulator today.


  • JF Staff

    Hi Andy

    Thanks for your feedback. Very comprehensive. Can you do us a favour and post that up as a new support ticket:

    Number 1 could be an issue with the airport itself, so location and time etc (as you've done) is handy. Some of the others seem to be to do with the compromise of getting AI traffic to work in XP but, as you say, they are tweakable. As an example we've seen some complaints about AI aircraft travelling @ 250kts. This speed was the one we were told was most suitable by the very large beta testing group we used!

    anyway, we will aim to address any and all issues as best we can and thank you again for your info.

  • Ok Derek thanks, I created a ticket as requested.