• can i have a refound? I am not satisfied with the product.

    1- many airline skins are missing
    2- strange behavior of planes, airplane are too fast, some second after takeoff aircraft reach 250 knt, are they a missile?
    3- lights! At night, planes have their lights off. are we in night-war operations?
    4- cargo. no cargo flight. d'oh!
    5- Many AI Traffic taxi without landing gear and nose up. error in the cg during loading operations
    6- Aircrafts takeoff at a low angle of attack

    you have tested the product well before selling it? you think it's all right? it's a long way to go!.

  • JF Staff


    If we get information to support of specific issues with aircraft type, location etc we can look into it. The 250kt was what was recommended by our (very large) beta group. Basically, you need the AI aircraft to be travelling at a certain speed near airports and 250 was the best compromise. NB you can turn off aircraft that don't have liveries available.

    If you contact Just Flight support and we can't get you up and running to your satisfaction you won't be left out of pocket.

  • @Derek thanks for the answer, I think you have to point out to users that planes do not have many skins and that they have some "tricks" (excessive speed on takeoff, no lights, angle of attack. I and some users, expect a new release that fixes lights, skins, and other problems

  • JF Staff

    @slasko79 Lights is an odd one - they have lights. Are you seeing airports with dark aircraft?