Third Party Static Aircraft and Traffic Global Aircraft

  • I've just installed Traffic Global and briefly tried it with Orbx TEGB & EGNX. My question is as EGNX already contained static aircraft just as their other airports such as EGLC & EGMN for instance. Are the aircraft on the aprons that I'm now seeing Traffic Global or Orbx? Does Traffic Global remove and replace any or all static aircraft?

  • For Orbx airports you will need to use the Orbx configuration software to remove the static aircraft, this will then allow Traffic Global to replace those static aircraft with live AI aircraft. Note for some of Orbx's airports you will not be able to remove the statics, I believe Southampton is one such example.

  • To do this, select the respective airfield in ORBX Central and deselect the static aircrafts in the configuration for each airfield. I have no problem in Southampton.

    Kind regards

  • Hi Mike,

    In Orbx Central X-Plane there is no configuration option for Southampton, never has been, I mentioned in their forum along with many other folk over a year ago that I'd like an option to remove the static aircraft, its still the same.

  • Hi Andy,

    you're right, there is no configuration menu in Southampton ORBX. I have noted this more generally, if someone searches for the function to deselect the static aircraft at ORBX airfields. I just went through all my ORBX places and turned off all where it was possible.

  • I have now deselected static aircraft on the following Orbx airports through Orbx Central. EGNX, EGNM & EGLC. After launching XP11 and selecting those airports, I have found them now to be completely devoid of any aircraft. Any ideas why and please may I request the remedy?

  • If you stay a while on site, it sometimes takes a long time for me to see the planes appear. At first it always seems like the airfield is empty, that's what I thought before also,