Radar window not displayed correctly

  • Awesome product. I'm having an issue with the Radar window, though. It's not fully displayed and the three tick options are doubled. Attached screenshot should make it clear. Any advice? Thanks!


  • JF Staff

    Def not seen that before in testing. It's been tested on multi-monitor as well as multi-PC, including loads of combinations of anti-aliasing and screen resolutions. Could be a graphics driver thing, or could be a strange display setup.

    Can you raise a support ticket with JF support. https://support.justflight.com/support/tickets/new

    Let them know full details of yr machine - graphics card type, is this multi-monitor, are using any software that for example merges screens in Windows, X-Plane display settings etc. Basically anything that's non-standard.

  • Thanks, ticket raised.