Traffic global

  • Now Traffic Global is up and running and in my case working fine,is there any chance Menorca and Ibiza
    airports could be brought up to Majorca's standards with so many aircraft it is so realistic and works so well
    whereas Menorca has just 1 flight plan and Ibiza only a few

  • JF Staff

    The schedules are based on a real world database, so it depends what flies from those airports at the time it was set up. Also, it also depends on parking spaces etc. That may change when the new database is released, which is due fairly soon.

  • May we assume that the reason the performance hit is minimal, is because XP11 only use 1 or 2 cpu cores, and the ai traffic engine finds unused cores and uses just those ?

    Think I answered my own question but just seeking clarification.

    Also, will this traffic be controlled by third party ATC plugins such as Pilot2ATC ?