Colour match of adjacent areas poor

  • I have now purchased the full UK suite of the 3D product, but am really disappointed with the colour matches particularly around Manchester/Chester/Wirral/North Wales, which has obvious straight lines where the photo's have been taken at different times of the day/year etc.
    Please ensure us "users" that these are going to be sorted in updates etc as the rest of the product is great?

    Also are you going to introduce add on bridges and the like? the new Mersey gateway is visible only as part of the photo with no definition at all, same goes for the old Runcorn/Widnes bridge

  • JF Staff

    Bridges use the default ones in P3D so no plans to change those at the moment.

    However, if you see any bugs or anomalies or really obvious colour issues in the scenery itself let us know the co-ordinates and we can take a look.