• Holy smokes, you guys are really developing another plane I absolutely love? You guys are really rearing to tear apart my wallet. I really hope this eventually gets developed into the B4-600 and B10(A310) as well, because I would kill to have those planes from as skilled and detailed as you guys! I absolutely cannot wait for this addon to be finished, presumably in about a year's time.

  • Delighted to see this aircraft in development. Hats off to you guys.

  • JF Staff

    @Noob21 said in A300B4:

    presumably in about a year's time.

    At least. I think the 747 was at a similar stage around 18 months ago. Hopefully we'll be able to shorten that timeline this time around though.

  • @Rich I figure the A300 will probably be less complex by the simple merit that there’s less there, less engines, less plane, etc.. That said, I obviously would understand if it’s not finished in a year’s time, but I figure it would probably be done before 2022. Also, currently only P3Dv4 is listed for compatibility. Will it only be available for that? Or will it also be available for FSX and earlier P3D versions, or better yet, the new MSFS if JustFlight receives the SDK and it isn’t entirely incompatible with the new game?