747 book

  • If any budding 747 pilots are interested, and don't already know, there's a brilliant book still available on ebay UK.
    It was first published by IAN ALLAN LTD (beloved by train and plane spotters) in 1984. It's title is: From the Flight Deck 1, HEATHROW - CHICAGO, and the author is Stanley Stewart.
    It gives a description (quiet technical in places) of a BA 747 flight from Heathrow to Chicago. It must be an early 747 because it uses the INS system for navigation. There's even a description on the differences in terminology between the UK and US. I reckon you could reproduce the flight with the JF aircraft when it's out. Honestly, I don't get a commission from the publishers or ebay!

  • There is also a Toronto Canada to Heathrow one from the same company. there are several in the series From the Flight Deck. Good reading