• I have just downloaded the NexGen scenery areas 1,3,and 4. Somehow missed the purchase deal on area 2.
    I already have most uk airfields and UK2000 scenery for the UK including treescapes.
    The ground vehicles, equipment and aircraft that were present in my liverpool, newcastle, manchester, gatwick, heathrow etc add on airfields have now lost these features. On loading FSX SE I get various messages stating that scenery areas 142,138,137,136,135,134,133,129,128,127 and 126 cannot be found. I have found the scenery.cfg file and made sure the read only is unticked.
    In an attempt to get some ground stuff , I only fly in the UK area, I loaded FSX Traffic X and at least got some stuff.
    How do I get the original ground stuff to work.
    Failing that is it worth loading FSX Traffic 360 or even trying the new traffic global?
    Still have 224GB on my "D" drive where all my flight sims are.

  • JF Staff


    Really sounds like one for Just Flight support. I imagine it is down to the order of where the airport sceneries are etc.

  • thanks sent a ticket

  • Sounds like scenery order is out of place to me.
    Try putting the VFR scenery below your add-on airports. This should then put the ground layers on before the airport layers.