Removing Pilot and Yoke

  • Hi,

    Just purchased this (X-Plane version) and ran into an issue on my first flight - I actually had the same issue with the Archer as well. Straight after loading the aircraft I am seated in the cockpit but I have the 3D pilot and his hands. These are covering some of the instruments and this is obviously not usable. How can I remove the 3D pilot.

    On a related note, the clickspot for removing the yoke doesn't seem to work either. How do I remove the yoke? I'm clicking on the spot as mentioned in the manual with no success.

  • Never mind. Restarting XPlane solved it.

  • JF Staff

    Just to confirm, the 3D pilot being visible in the cockpit is an indication that the SASL activation process isn't complete. It usually requires just a restart of XP11.