Paint Kit HS748 in .psd format

  • Hello all,I have the paint kit for the HS748,but cannot use it because it is in the .psd(Photoshop Document) format which means I have to purchase Photoshop, why can't you change the format to .dds,that way it makes it easier to use using a free program like or dxtbmpx?.Thanks.

  • Hello benibaz.

    I believe that if you use the freeware programs DXTbmp and DDS converter plus for the artwork/repaints (also freeware and paints in layers) you should have no problem.

    There is a tutorial of some sort on either or Avsim on using the first two and several YouTube tutorials for

    Please find a link to the most helpful tutorial I found. I have managed to do some AI aircraft so that each plane has a different serial number but I am still experimenting at the moment.

  • Hello Benibaz.

    If you go to this website , the you can download a plug in with's enables to load psd files.

    The reason everyone uses the psd format is that it is the industie standard for layered images. Most programs for image editing can there for load it and sometimes save in that format.

    The reason of using layers is that it makes editing images much easier, what you make in one layer doesn't effect the other layers, so you can make one layer with all the mandatory labels for hatches and such and a second layer under it with your livery,. Than if you want change the livery, it's much easier because it doesn't effect the labels.

  • On this issue you can talk to adobe support team. And the topic showed over here its really interesting. I knew all formats of image support in PS.