Volume 4 inbound soon....

  • JF Staff

    Once Scotland is out that will complete the series. It's now in the final stages of development. The screen shots are looking very impressive along with the 5m mesh.


  • @Derek
    My purchase of vol.4 now completes the set. It might be imagination but it seems to me that each vol. has been an improvement upon the previous. I originally had the Horizon scenery ( selected because I thought the original JF scenery was too washed out ). Horizon's Scotland was a disappointment - it too was washed out. I, therefore bought the ORBX Scotland. That was quite acceptable but it was not photoscenery. JF's nexgen is so much better. It's now replaced all previous sceneries.
    As I have UK2000 airports and Scottish airfields plus many other addon airfields I'm now happily flying around a very satisfying UK.
    I've disabled the JF airports so that gets rid of stock autogen such as control towers which are the wrong type or wrongly placed. Using Instant Scenery with it's exclusion rectangle tool I get rid of JF scenery buildings and trees which, in some instances, appear unwanted on a scenery area whether it's airfield or town. Instant Scenery is also used to place objects such as cooling towers and castles where the JF program has missed them or, worse, placed oil tanks on the site.
    All in all I think the JF nextgen has been the best FSX improvement for years.
    I just have to update my pc now - it's struggling with the load !

  • JF Staff


    Thanks for the feedback on this one. We're very pleased with NexGen - especially the frame rates!