Quality Wings 757 Liveries.

  • I have bought and downloaded the Quality Wings 757 for FSX and once installed I am only being shown the option of quality wings liveries and none of the advertised additional 100 or so. Has anyone else experienced this, or am I doing something completely stupid during the install, or is the item not as described...??

  • @warb7646 Right, just for all your references if you choose to purchase this product. The installer only downloads the house colours of Quality Wings. The installer also installs a program called Traffic despatcher, where you can alter the load out of the A/C and install liveries downloaded individually from the Quality wings website. Therefore the product is kind of misleading in that you are told you get 120 or so liveries, but there is no mention you have to download these separately to the main programme.

  • @warb7646 This is more common these days, PMDG do it too with their aircraft.