Flight sim world

  • I know flight sim world is no longer supported, but I liked it (I also have FSX, XPlane 11 and Aerofly2). You made product for FSW so is there any chance this could be made to work in this sim - I’d buy it right away and there must be other owners of FSW who’d be interested.

  • It works fine as is with the appropriate entry in the FSW scenery.cfg, but you probably won't like it. It suffers from the same washed out colours that most of the original FSW scenery had, to the extent that the photoscenery is difficult to make out.

  • JF Staff

    As @tb10driver points out it can be used with FSW, but unfortunately the limitations of that simulator resulted in us not adding official support for it.

  • Thanks guys for your help & apologies for late reply. Shame really that FSW got the axe as I thought I t had real potential.