Default airports

  • Hello,
    In this VFR Gen 3 part package you give a list of the default airports. Are those default in your package or are these the default airports in Prepar3D?
    Piet de Geus

  • JF Staff

    Where do we give that list?

  • JF Staff

    If you mean this, it's just a list of the airports in the area so that buyers will know if their preferred airport is covered in the volume:


    EG0E North Coates
    EGCB Barton
    EGCF Sandtoft
    EGCJ Sherburn-in-Elmet
    EGCN Doncaster Sheffield
    EGCO Birkdale Sands
    EGNB Brough
    EGNC Carlisle
    EGNH Blackpool
    EGNJ Humberside
    EGNL Walney Island
    EGNM Leeds Bradford
    EGNO Warton
    EGNT Newcastle
    EGNU Full Sutton
    EGNV Durham Tees Valley
    EGNY Linley Hill
    EGOW Woodvale AB
    EGXD Dishforth AB
    EGXE Leeming AB
    EGXG Church Fenton AB
    EGXU Linton-on-Ouse AB
    EGXZ Topcliffe AB
    UK11 Rufforth