VFR NextGen scenery pricing anomaly.

  • I have been looking at the recent adverts for the VFR Nextgen England and Wales scenery and notice an anomaly in the pricing.

    Purchased separately volumes 1,2 and 3 are £24.99 each but there is a £5 discount on each to owners of the previous versions making them £19.99 each or £59.97 in total.

    Today I see an advert for the three volumes combined for a price of £62.99 with no discount for previous owners making it £3 more expensive for them to buy the combined set. There seems to be little incentive for previous owners to buy the combined set.

  • JF Staff

    Previous owners were sent a £5 discount voucher with each release - if you buy three volumes using your vouchers you can save on the price of all of Eng and Wales. The bundle itself is simply the three separate volumes under one code - it's not a single volume. The incentive for existing owners was/is the vouchers. Hope that makes sense.