Xplane 11.30 and C152 v1.1

  • Hi,

    I ve just downloaded v1.1 and noticed that I don t have the toe brakes anymore.
    What s wrong there?

    What do you mean by support librain? Does it mean that by downloading the librain plugin it is ready to go or should we tweak the library to integrate it into the C152.

    I can still start the engine without priming it.
    I still have the pop up window when there is sparkplugs fooling. I whish I had the possibility to deactivate those messages.


  • JF Staff

    Hi Stephane,

    Regarding support for librain, please see this video which demonstrates how it can be installed for use in our aircraft - https://youtu.be/eHq0liTzeBQ (the video refers to the Archer III but the same steps are used for all our aircraft)

    We'll investigate the other issues you've reported. If you can submit a support ticket (or update an existing one) then our support team can get back to you with updates on our progress.


  • JF Staff

    Are you referring to the toe brake animation or an actual lack of braking? Both are working correctly when tested here using v1.1.

  • @Martyn both. Animation and actual use of toe brakes is not possible. Tested everything ...it is not possible to get them working!

  • JF Staff

    @stephane130281 If you haven't already done so, submit or update a ticket and we will investigate further, as this isn't an issue that we or our testers can reproduce at the moment.