Sky Simulations MD-11 v2.0

  • Does this plane work properly using GoFlight MCP Pro Autopilot ?

  • Does this plane work good at all, I have read some negative feedback on other sites. Would be nice to have a Just Flight updated version of this aircraft; not the lite version that is available. There are a lot of fans of this plane and it is really not being pushed out as an updated aircraft, (PBR) and the likes for the 64bit platforms. An MD-11 that is updated for todays simulators with all the bells and whistles would most likely sale like hot cakes. We all know that one big developer of study level aircraft discontinued this and stumped the community with this move? Just Flight are you seeing this, you guys are stepping up your quality of aircraft why not add this one to the list of things to do; I am certain that if done right you will corner the market on this fantastic plane.