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  • Hi
    I'm getting plenty of stationary traffic at airports but there's nothing happening in the air at all. I've sat at M/Cr at 0730 hr waiting for something to happen, to no avail - I'm sure I've had active flights in the past
    using P3Dv4 in Win 10. Can you point me in the right direction?

  • JF Staff

    Hi Steve,
    Please go to your settings and turn the airport vehicle density slider down to minimum. Otherwise all the aircraft need to run through 10-20 minutes of ground procedures before they start moving.

  • No joy I'm afraid. Did get a small jet landing at 0730 but absolutely nothing from the ground. Tried it at 1730 too and it looks much the same. I've reinstalled the program and run the setup wizard. Am I missing something here?

  • I'm think that this might be a problem with the heavies ..?

  • JF Staff

    The usual advice is to wait for the traffic to get moving or lower the vehicle density slider (as above). However, you've done the slider bit and if there is no sign of any traffic after about 15 minutes then it may be something else. Best bet would be to contact JF support.